Coming THIS SUMMER in Austin...

Ready for some exciting Austin news?

This year, one of Austin’s most beloved historic parks is set to reopen with a brand new makeover, complete with acres of green space, hike-and-bike trails, playscapes for the kiddos, and a dazzling outdoor amphitheater for performances. 

Waterloo Greenway Conservancy recently announced that on Monday, May 3rd after years of construction, Waterloo Park and Moody Amphitheater will open to the public this coming August. This sleek, scenic park is designed to cultivate the full Austin experience with stunning landscaping, plenty of nature, and fresh gardens for everyone to enjoy. It hopes to be the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, as well as a solid outing to enjoy some quiet time outside. 

“The reopening of Waterloo Park represents a bridge between Austin’s past, present, and future,” says Kathy Miller, interim CEO of Waterloo Greenway. “We’re honoring the culture of the area while building a place that is a vital part of what Austin will become. Visitors of the park will see historical details like the park’s original retaining walls in the Hill Country Gardens, scribed with handwritten notes that date back to the 1970s. The preservation of heritage live oak trees throughout the park [is] a nod to its history, and we look forward to launching new community programming to ensure all feel welcome in this inclusive and equitable space.”

I don’t know about you, but that sounds good to me! Austin’s wonderful community is home to all the best places to live to take advantage of opportunities such as this. Falls on Bull Creek, Northstar, Park at Crestview, The Reserve, and Treehouse are all excellent options in my book for the best places to live in proximity to the upcoming park. Personally, I find Austin life to be both quirky and also peacefully reserved at the same time--the perfect balance that many incoming residents are looking for!

The new Waterloo Park project is certainly a pretty exciting development! I recommend that everyone continue to wear masks and socially distance, but there should be plenty of outdoor spacing for everyone once the park has opened to the community. It just goes to show just how much Austin is growing and changing for the better over the years. Who knows just how impressive it will be in the next decade? Well, I think it’s pretty impressive now. Go check out Waterloo Park when it opens up! You can also find some additional information in this handy article HERE


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May 4