Let’s Go Fly a Kite!

Every day is a beautiful day in Austin! 

One of Austin’s greatest perks is that it is more than often full of excellent sunny weather. And what could be better than spending some quality time with family and friends while enjoying a relaxing day flying a kite out on the green?

The ABC Kity Fest is one of Austin’s most popular traditions. In 2021, it is happily celebrating its 92nd year, complete with a city-wide celebration of Austin’s parks in partnership with the Austin Parks Foundation. Austin residents are encouraged to go enjoy some fresh air outside and fly a kite at their neighborhood park, taking special Covid-19 safety precautions with proper face coverings and maintaining safe social distancing from others as well. 

Those who are participating in kite-flying are encouraged to share photos and videos of their experience with the ABC Kite Fest by tagging them on Instagram and Facebook. Some of the best parks to be during the festival are Bartholomew District Park, Dick Nichols District Park, and Northwest District Park, all three providing excellent green outdoor spaces with the perfect environment and atmosphere for kite-flying.

Austin’s parks are truly a beautiful sight to see, especially if you’re a resident looking to enjoy the serene local atmosphere on a nice day. To top it all off, Austin boasts some of the best apartments in the state, along with some affordable pricing and fine amenities. Places like the Falls on Bull Creek, The Reserve, Park at Crestview, Treehouse, and Woodstone Apartments are definitely worth your time if you’re looking to settle down at someplace comfortable and accommodating during your time in Austin.

Austin’s ABC Kite Fest will take place on March 27th and March 28th starting at 8:00 am. For those of you who want more information on this event, you can visit their main website HERE. Make sure to keep safe whenever you or your family are out in public spaces. And don’t forget to tag the ABC Kite Fest! 

It’s always important to go out into nature and just enjoy life. When the going gets tough in our lives, it’s always worth it to try to cherish some much-needed positivity in the world. Bring your kite and have fun at the festival, Austin residents! I promise that you’re not going to want to miss out on the chance to enjoy some great Austin weather with loved ones.


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Mar 16