Make a Splash at Lake Travis Waterloo Adventures!

Summer is coming, which means things are about to get pretty scorching out there in the near future. If you’re an Austin resident or even just a Texas resident, you know what I’m talking about. Texas summers can be absolutely sweltering, even in the shade. 

So why not beat the heat? If you’re living near the Austin area, chances are you’ve probably heard of Lake Travis Waterloo Adventures. This excellent aquatic getaway is a private island location and a revolutionary floating water park. The water park includes resort-style amenities, beachside hotspots, hammocks, saddle floats, games, food trucks, and more! 

If you’re someone sick of the same old urban landscape and just want to find a relaxing place to stay cool, this place is absolutely PERFECT for a weekend out with friends and family. There’s even a bar where you can purchase frozen drinks at your leisure. Sounds to me like a real party in the making. And if you’re a family with kiddos, there will be plenty of amazing floats and water obstacle courses to navigate through with ease as you enjoy your time out on the lake.

Austin prides itself on its sense of community and convenience, especially when it’s within close proximity to the Lake Charles area. If you’re staying at great, affordable Austin apartment locations such as Woodstone, The Reserve, Northstar, or Falls on Bull Creek, you’ll find that you’ll have only a short commute over to the water park, Austin traffic taken into consideration! 

Lake Travis Waterloo Adventures really is a blast and I can’t recommend it enough. With everything going on out there in the world, it’s good to take the time to go out and have some downtime with family and friends. If you’re looking for more information about this attraction, check out this handy link HERE. You can also check out their main website HERE. 

I’ve pretty much been buying sunscreen and water-shoes in the process of writing this. This sounds like a great opportunity and I personally can’t wait to see it for myself! Get out there and enjoy yourself! When it comes to beating the Texas sun, you’re not going to want to miss this!


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Apr 13